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Lead Generation

Targeted one-to-one research to guarantee quality prospects

TJC provides a flexible and scalable lead generation and qualification service that functions as a natural extension of your sales operation. Working with a project-dedicated database, we record details of every transaction, providing timely, detailed reports to help you target the most promising prospects, boost conversions and plan out future sales and marketing campaigns.

Finding leads

Uncovering leads that will
take your business forward

For many, being focussed on maintaining and developing existing business that finding new customers can be a major challenge. We make the process easy by researching and qualifying leads before we pass them on, thereby simplifying the ongoing sales process for you.

Stress free solution

TJC removes the stress from lead generation. All leads are subject to rigorous quality checks, ensuring that all new leads are suitable for your business and are the most likely to develop into new sales.

Qualified quality

Finding new sales leads is the easy part, ensuring that they meet your criteria is where TJC excels. Our procedures have been developed over many years ensuring that only suitable leads are passed on to clients.

Spring clean your data

Working with old data results in wasted time and the possibility of lost business. TJC operates a pro-active data cleansing service for clients to ensure that contacts and information are as up to date as possible.

In my opinion there is no ‘silver bullet’ to finding customers, but TJC came close! A challenging project in so much as ours is a complex service to explain to potential clients and then engage them in meaningful dialogue. However, the team at TJC made strenuous efforts to understand our products and services and set up a number of solid appointments which resulted in new business.

Paul Bishopp, Managing Director, CISTECH Ltd.
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Online Marketing

Powerful and engaging online media opportunities

We provide a complete range of online marketing services, from ground-up responsive website design to high-impact email marketing, and handle the full production, delivery and management of projects. Our young and highly capable team of developers and designers are continuously invested in new technologies and latest web standards, creating scalable solutions that inherently drive SEO, combining best practise with a clear and functional approach to design. Online marketing extends our highly data-driven services, with media such as digital newsletters bringing convenient information to your customers whilst giving you actionable results through real-time reports and analytics.

Responsive website device mockups

Website design & Branding

Your brand and your website are the face of your business, whether simply providing information or actively servicing transactions. We create hand-crafted, premium websites that are built with responsive layouts to provide an uncompromised experience on any device, and integrate them into a robust CMS to let you manage your site’s content. And if you’re starting something new, we can design a lasting brand presence.

Email marketing

Email is a proven way to get your message out to every contact, but the most successful campaigns are focussed and well considered. We have extensive experience creating effective email marketing material, and combine this with the targeted use of data to achieve the best return on your investment — taking care of everything from proposal to launch.

Digital magazines

Go beyond the scope of print with interactive, page-turning journals that give readers a more convenient way to access richer content and enquire directly off-the-page. Embed multimedia content and know that you have the flexibility to change things later. We provide timely reports enabling you to see the ongoing performance of all your online publications.

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Enquiry Management

Making the utmost out of every precious enquiry

Ensuring that your customers promptly receive current literature - in electronic or hard copy format - on demand is central to our enquiry management service. Every enquiry is handled in a personalised fashion, with the received literature matching or exceeding their expectations as if supplied directly from you. We combine enquiry handling and literature fulfilment into one process, improving the efficiency of your fulfilment material to help you exploit every possible sales opportunity. Our enquiry management operation is flexible enough to match your ongoing needs, whether for a one-off exhibition or a continuous programme.

Respond now

Response handling is by email, phone, fax, post and online, using a purpose-designed enquiry form. We also provide tablet-enabled forms for use by your sales team whilst on the road or at an exhibition, making it easy for them to capture sales interest and for you to track it.

Despatch is fast – enquiries received by midday are typically serviced on the same day. And as our service operates on demand, it means that we work only when an enquiry is received, resulting in reduced cost and no downtime when compared to in-house service provision.

An integrated solution

All transaction details are recorded on a bespoke database created around your specific information needs. As a valuable option, we can provide lead qualification to verify literature receipt and identify and prioritise hot prospects.

The system provides full inventory management so that you are always aware of stock levels and prompts reordering when stock levels are low. The system also manages your electronic literature inventory and we have a range of innovative options to help you get the most from online fulfilment.

Reach everyone & report the results

Whether by envelope, box or pallet, we despatch any volume and combination of material, including promotional merchandise. We also arrange delivery to anywhere in the world and can prepare your fulfilment packages in whatever languages you require. Where applicable, we even take care of customs documentation to keep the whole process pain-free.

Reporting is as comprehensive and timely as you want and in whatever format you need, ensuring that you can measure campaign efficacy and drive sales follow-up.

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Circulation Management

Quality Editorial + Circulation Excellence = Advertising Revenue

Recruiting and training the senior staff needed to build and manage their circulations is something that increasing numbers of publishers are choosing to avoid. In these instances TJC provides an alternative to these in-house departments, with the expertise and tools to generate and manage high quality data, enabling you to increase advertising and associated revenues, whilst reducing overheads to expand your market share.

Our primary objective is to provide our clients with an efficient and highly effective circulation management and marketing process that is robust, scalable and data-driven. But we don’t stop there as we are also experienced in harnessing the value of data and in developing new, highly attractive and profitable revenue streams. We like to innovate and we like our clients to benefit from it.

You’re Different

We recognise that rarely are two journals alike and the management of your circulation has to meet your particular needs. TJCs extensive data management skills and state-of-the-art systems are ideally suited to the creation of a ‘perfect fit’ solution to your terms of control and ensure that your data and reputation are expertly maintained and managed at all times.

By outsourcing to TJC your data will remain fresh and valid through an intense process of cleansing, verifying, monitoring and updating. The result is a structured database that satisfies the requirements of the Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC).

Quality Editorial + Circulation Excellence = Readership

A number of leading and forward thinking B2B publishing houses recognise that outsourcing circulation management to TJC brings significant cost benefit as well as improved quality of information.

We are as skilled and experienced in taking over and enhancing the circulation of an existing title, as we are in building an entirely new circulation from scratch, and we do it efficiently and painlessly so that you can concentrate on producing the editorial product and generating advertising.

We have some highly innovative ways to help ensure that your reader information remains clean and up to date and we are also experienced in both printed and online media, including the integration of the two. Our bureau service provides full production, despatch and metrics of electronic editions and we would be delighted to help you take the first steps into the online world, if you have not done so already.

What we do

We develop and maintain circulation databases for UK and international trade publications. Often this means we build circulation databases from the ground up according to your demographic criteria, terms of control and audit requirements but we’re equally happy to apply our skills and expertise to an existing title.

Our day-to-day database management includes the generation and import of new reader registrations as well as data cleansing, verification and the de-duplication necessary for total integrity and accuracy. Data quality is key.

We also provide full Audit preparation and support for cast-iron ABC and BPA compliance. Typically we manage the entire audit process and liaise directly with the auditors, dealing with every requirement until the certificate is issued.

Full and timely reporting is to your required format and timeframes including secure online access to real time data.

As a leading specialist publisher we have recognised that there are businesses providing more cost-effective circulation management than we can achieve in-house. In partnering with TJC we are confident that our readers are getting the level of service that they have come to expect. TJC’s versatility and adaptability is such that we also use them very successfully alongside the promotion of our events, where they are generating high quality audiences on our behalf.

Stephen Brooks, Managing Director, Akabo Media
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Data Management

Quality Matters

Data is the most valuable commodity a company can have and without a quality database your business will be at a disadvantage. TJC have developed a suite of data management and cleansing services to enhance your existing information, generate new, dynamic opportunities and give you a significant advantage over your competitors, Whether you need a database created from scratch or a thorough cleanse of your existing contacts list, we have the expertise and the know-how to return the highest quality data and help you convert it into profitable business advantage.

Where do we start?

Existing databases can be redesigned and refreshed to make them more user-friendly and effective. We often work with client data which is held on one or more databases, where the only common element is the lack of a systematic procedure for updating and revalidating addresses, the contacts and business demographics. We systematically combine and de-duplicate the various databases and, as part of the service, we can also analyse information to build your market intelligence, build ideal customer or target profiles and identify marketing opportunities. We also suggest ways to get your data working better for you.

TJC analysed our customer/prospect database and created a detailed profile of our typical customer. The analysis and how it was communicated gave us the confidence to move forward and make use of its lead generation service which delivered high quality, qualified, leads that reduced dramatically the amount of work we have to do before we get in front of the customer.

Simon Graham, Managing Director, Kumi Solutions

Starting from scratch

The TJC team of specialists can design and construct a database around your needs, populating it with fresh contacts and information. Once in place, we provide ongoing data management to ensure the information remains fresh, clean and valid.

What we offer

  • Database building and data gathering
  • Data cleansing and verification
  • Database hosting and management
  • Database intelligence and consultancy
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Market Research

Knowing makes all the difference

Knowledge is king in any business and by taking full advantage of the business intelligence that we generate, our clients are much better placed to accurately plan their sales and marketing strategies. Our role is to research your market – both known and unknown -and identify potential opportunities, strengths and any areas of weakness or threat, and provide you with a greater understanding of what your existing and potential customers expect of your business. Having this knowledge will give you a genuine commercial advantage over your competitors, enabling you to plan and apply your resources where they are needed, when they are needed.

What would you like to know?

To have a thorough understanding of how you are perceived by your customers and prospects can be a powerful driver of positive change that will enable you to grow your business. At the same time, to know how you are viewed in comparison to your competition is a vital precursor to effective strategic planning. Sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most; subtle changes to service levels that cost little but deliver a disproportionately higher return.

For many of our clients who commission a customer satisfaction survey, we undertake an initial benchmarking study and revisit it annually, enabling them to monitor how well they are performing and how effective any changes, implemented as a result of the earlier findings, have been. All have found this to be of significant business value.

Perhaps you need to combine several requirements such as clean and update an existing database, identify new business potential and understand how you are viewed as a supplier. Or maybe you just want to know how your organisation is viewed by your own staff and we can do that too.

Is there any business out there?

A frequent exercise for a number of our clients is the investigation of new, as yet untapped markets.

Before embarking on a major sales and marketing initiative, we test the water to see if it offers genuine sales potential. Most importantly, if it does, we can establish your best approach, identifying the primary competition, barriers to entry and the requirements of a new supplier. Tell us what you want to know and it will be our mission to find out.

Get it right and the benefits are huge

To have real value, research has to be right for your business. This means that the people acquiring information on your behalf require expertise in conceiving and executing the data gathering process. Our team of experienced and highly qualified staff undertakes detailed planning of any data gathering campaign that results in every client receiving balanced, accurate and relevant findings. More importantly, the information resulting from our market research projects will provide you with commercially useful knowledge, enabling you to target potential new business more effectively.