Bringing you closer to your audience

These days no one doubts the value of a decent website or email marketing campaign, but a great website, one that adds value to your brand and pushes sales, or a fully thought-out targeted email campaign that delivers results, requires both expertise and effort. That’s where we come in.

How? It’s often said but for us it’s true: people. We have a highly talented and experienced team who look after everything. From the initial brief and brainstorming, through to proofing and delivery – and at all the steps along the way – they will ensure you get a result that will delight you and engage your customers.

Email has an ability many channels dont: creating valuable, personal touches – at scale.

Email campaigns

Put your sales message directly into the inbox of your prospects and customers.

Rather than just prepare great-looking artwork, we combine your knowledge of your product and target audience with our technical expertise and creative talent to build an objective-driven campaign that is designed to work.

Having despatched over 4½ million emails in the past 12 months alone, we know what works and what doesn’t, which means we can ensure that your sales and marketing messages have the very best chance of success.

TJC continue to give us excellent ideas and support, helping us diversify into a variety of new media platforms. From the beginning we were determined to offer a professional service that benefits our marketplace and using their expertise it will continue to help our customers grow their business

TJC created a professional looking and easy-to-read email for us - exactly as our brief. Even better it had the desired effect with our readers!

I have been working with TJC for nearly four years and am always impressed with the level of effort they make to react to our e-communication requirements. They have a good team of people who are able to work in unison to ensure a strong flow of delegation and turn around in projects.

The 5 step process to a successful campaign

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Take that first step to digital marketing success.


Our team of experts will work with you to design and create your custom campaign, taking care of every element.


View and approve your bespoke campaign; the artwork, landing page, subject line and data, before despatch.


Your campaign will be delivered to your customers’ and prospects’ inboxes on the day and time you choose.


Watch the live results as your audience interacts with the campaign and produce full analytics at a click.

Create your own visual style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.

Web design

We believe your business should have a great website.

Looking good is only part of it; a great site works hard for its living, enhancing your brand image, generating higher conversion rates, converting users into customers and increasing sales.

With so many options available, “average” is easily achieved but today’s internet user understands the difference between a cheap, hastily thrown together site and a high-quality, highly customised and feature-rich one.

How it's done

A great website must be aesthetically pleasing and useful and that requires discussion, planning and creativity.

So where do we start? You talk and we listen. We find out how your business ticks, who your customers and prospects are and why you’re of value to them. We establish what you want from your new site; what you like, what you don’t, and then we get creative and put in a lot of thought.

And then we plan. We suggest things that will put you ahead of your competition. We think about layout & image optimisations and lightning-fast load speeds, because they’re important. Naturally, the site will be fully responsive - optimised for any device - and we take care of all the fine details so that everything works as it should do.

We’ll hold your hand from the initial call, through the detailed planning process and the development stages, right the way to site launch. Because it all matters.

Our latest websites

When the site goes live the work doesn’t stop.

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Analyse & Identify

We help you analyse how people use the site. Not just static Google Analytics reports, but how to identify the companies that visit, sometimes down to individual level, and even provide screen recordings of their visit.

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Inbuilt SEO

We build the site with SEO in mind so you don’t need to spend money afterwards on trying to optimise its performance; a decent Google ranking is included as part of the package.

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Want to produce an eshot? It’s done. A newsletter? Easy. We can help integrate your site with your CRM and email provider so that all elements work together harmoniously to help workflow, improve efficiency and build sales.

Meet our eMarketing team

Carlos Wong

Web Designer

Chris Sutherland

Web Developer

David Jamieson

Managing Director

Scott Quested

Front-End Developer

Yohan Fernando

IT Manager